Sanford Police Patrol Division

Sanford Police on Patrol The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible division of the police department. Patrol is responsible for providing police services to the community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The division is commanded by Deputy Chief Timothy Strout. There are 38 sworn officers assigned to patrol and they are divided into three shifts, a day shift, an evening shift, and a midnight shift. Each shift is comprised of a Sergeant and a Corporal who serve as the first line supervisors.

Patrol officers are the initial responders to all emergency situations, criminal complaints, traffic collisions, and a variety of other calls for service. Officers are trained to handle any situation that they may encounter. In addition to responding to urgent calls for service, officers provide services in crime prevention, directed traffic enforcement, school visits, and informational programs to the community.

The Patrol Division is committed to providing professional police services and building a stronger relationship with the community.

Command Staff

Chief Thomas Connolly Jr. Deputy Chief Timothy Strout


Sergeant Craig Andersen:

Sergeant Jason Wagner:

Sergeant Timothy DeHaven:

Sergeant Jason Champlin:

Corporal Troy Braley:

Corporal Mark Dyer:

Corporal Matthew Gagne:


Barbara Gagne:

Patrick Flood:

Christopher Cyr:

K. Blair Hodge:

Paul Shaw:

Scott Foisy:

Matt Johns:

N. Scott Nichols:

Chester "Skip" Sheldon:

Jason Brooks:

Sarah Howe:

Thomas Sayre:

Andrew Raymond:

Jared Archambault:

Joseph Jourdain:

Colleen Adams:

Eddie Murphy:

Tristan Valenti:

Everett Allen:

Andrew Simmons: